econda provides economic advice and data analysis on matters before competition authorities, regulatory bodies and courts in competition related litigation.


Our strength lies in combining economic theory with econometric modelling and in thorough data examination to guide our analysis and to provide you with invaluable, empirical "hard" facts.

We advise private clients on matters before competition authorities, regulatory bodies and in competition related litigation. We support you throughout your investigation, liaising with your legal team, and provide expert reports and testimony.

We advise government bodies in their inquiries, supply sophisticated econometric models, and prepare reports on specific competition related questions.



Each client and every project is different. We use our expertise to help you build your case, working closely with other team members such as your specialist departments, external lawyers and IT-specialists.


Whether you are looking for a first assessment or are already fully committed to the case, whether you need help preparing your data following the request from an authority or with a specific piece of analysis – we make sure our contribution fits in with other work on the case and can be built upon at a later stage.

Data driven

Competition related analysis has become increasingly data reliant. We handle big data sets and use sophisticated statistical and econometric techniques to get the most out of your data.


We strengthen your case with solid economic and econometric analysis and deliver it in a form that is concise and easy to follow.