Update on development of follow-on damages claims: 2000-2018

Below is another update of my overview of the development of follow-on claims from European Commission cartel investigations.

COM cartel cases and follow-on claims 2000-2018.png

(A scalable version can be found here.)

The development since 2015 is dominated by the trucks cartel, in which total fines of € 3.8 billion were imposed. Several follow-on litigations have been filed in multiple EU countries.

Other than that, further car parts cartels were fined by the European Commission, two of which have been followed-on by damages claims in the UK.

In addition, a couple of UK claims following-on from proceedings pre 2015 have come to my attention, which I have updated.

So far, I could not ascertain follow-on claims from the European detergent cartel, fined in 2011. However, interestingly, a consumer claimed damages before a French regional court following from a detergent cartel in France, which was fined by the French Competition Authority in the same year. The claim was dismissed in 2017 on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

If you are aware of any further claims or have a comment regarding one of the depicted claims, please email katharina.sailer@econ-da.com.